Hi, I’m sarah creskey and wawa4luv is me. [it’s wahhh wahhh like wahhh wahhh like you’re giving me a wahh wahhh] I design and print all my items in my home studio in west-end toronto.

my background is in Early Mediaeval Art and Theology

i’m driven by issues of oppression. gender and the body are a constant struggle.

Outside of my work I am a regular volunteer at Romero House, an organization founded by the super being: Mary Jo Leddy. They offer housing, support and resources to new refugees.

I am a long distance runner.

I am dog obsessive and believe deeply in the cosmic and infinite connection between humans and animals. and plants. and water. ok it’s all cosmic.

it’s important to me to strive for relatively little success in everything i do.

this is me, i hope you enjoy.